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Ok, so what's the deal? 

I've been a solo act for 10 years now and I can safely say getting gigs is a pain in the ass. Not only for the entertainer but for the business owner as well. That's why I created Entertain My Crowd LLC. We streamline the whole process and makes it easier for everyone involved! - John


Here's how it works: 

Everyone is qualified!

Unlike most of the directories online that could have thousands of so called entertainers, E.M.C. qualifies everyone via an actual human. 

Keep your money!

Since this is a service for the client (i.e. bar, restaurant etc.)  there is no booking fee for the entertainer. To stay on the list and to keep getting booked you just have to be good at what you do. Show up on time, do the best show you can, take your money and leave. That easy! 

It's in your hands!

Entertainers will be notified when new dates are available (Text notifications coming soon!), it's then on you to go onto the site, read the information on the opportunity and request dates. All information about client will be on the client's page so you know exactly what you are signing up for. You're name will be next to the date and time for confirmation. 

We got your back!

E.M.C. becomes your one point of contact for booking with no exclusivity. The goal is to provide a simple and easy way to fill your calendar and get paid for your talents.

We know $hit happens!

If you need to cancel a gig in an emergency situation we will get the gig filled with no issue. If you are looking at switching a date with another entertainer that's on you to coordinate the switch and let us know to change the info online. In either case let us know as soon as possible!

That's it!

Navigating the site

The Green Room is the entertainer's homepage! This will have all available gigs, exclusive perks, entertainer list, upcoming events and more.

(No alerts currently so keep checking for updates!)

"Available Venues" will have all the info on each venue including setup instructions, payouts and open dates/times.  

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