Ok, so what's the deal? 

Trying to get shows is a pain in the ass. Entertain My Crowd LLC is making the whole process easier.

Imagine being able to sit down with your open schedule and in a few clicks be able to fill it up with gigs around the local area. No need to sell yourself and no need to annoy staff members. You get to the inner circle and have access to all the info on what's around instantly. Then you show up, do the gig and leave. That's it! Plus you keep all the money you make. Sounds great right? Well that's the plan!

Unlike others that charge the hard working "starving entertainer" to get gigs, Entertain My Crowd (E.M.C.) is a service for the bars, restaurant, brewery, and coffee shop. We do all the hard work of seeking, managing, coordinating and posting socials and they go back to running their business. It's a win win. 

We need your help! Looking for introductions with places you have played and single and duo entertainers that are seeking work! 

Thank you for being awesome. 

John Fazio Jr (CEO) 

Navigating the site

The Green Room is the entertainer's homepage! This will have all available gigs, exclusive perks, entertainer list, upcoming events and more.

(No alerts currently so keep checking for updates!)

"Available Venues" will have all the info on each venue including setup instructions, payouts and open dates/times.