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WTF is going on?

The state of Entertain My Crowd LLC


Howdy Folks! Welcome to the new home of Entertain My Crowd llc! So what’s been going on? Figured take a step back to bring us all up to speed..


The original idea behind E.M.C. was to have an automatic and seamless way for small businesses to have access to qualified entertainment. The “Amazon” of local entertainment.. Sign in, pick what you want & when and your entertainment is delivered. It was a big idea with little resources and hardly any money but an idea! After a few issues with the site creation and available web development time the big idea started to collapse but the company was created and the need is still very much there.


Then with the recent acquisition of booking at The Hangout Cafe in NY the business was revitalized and in turn is taking a more manual approach. So far I’ve taken over and redid the site and made a framework behind what I’m doing with The Hangout to duplicate that process. In addition we’re hosting and promoting local events which has given the company a brand to build on. The idea is still the same, to make what we do legit and stress free. To provide a service to clients and entertainers that eliminate wasted time and make everyones lives easier.


AND I NEED YOUR HELP! You know what places are hosting live music and you know who is good out there, send them my way! As we grow, tell me what would make things easier and I’ll add the services. My goal is to let everyone get back to what they are best at and get paid for it.


Thank you for reading, thank you for being here and thank you for being you!  Let me know if you have any questions at all - John

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